Recording and discography update 2008

We're heading back down in the basement for the last weekend of January to record our eight new tunes and toss back many ice cold tall bottles of Miller Highlife the Champagne of Beers. Tony from World of Lies is driving up from Portland with his mobile studio and cat-o'nine tails to keep us whooped into to shape.  Keep your ears perked up for some new sounds from this session sometime around  Bloody Valentines Day. 


Bag of Hammers 7" (OOP)

Machete Killah    bw/ Junior's Eyes

Rat Patrol Records 7" (OOP)

Batpussy/Hate Your Friends   bw/CSMFD/el clipo

Face First Records 7" four way split (OOP)

Whipping Boy

Beer Metal/Potbelly Records  7" four way split (OOP)

Run for Cover/Rotting in Sickness

United Underground CD comp

Morgan/unmixed old extended version

 Still on the Horizon

Sacred City Roller Girls bloody best bouts of 2007 DVD

machete killah

Reformed Records Fists of Fury CD comp

Whipping Boy

Records on Tap CD comp

Looks Like Shit

Split 7" with Golpe Justo from Puerto Rico

Song TBA/might just do this ourselves with Gulpe Justo

United Underground vol. 2 CD comp

Pilot Hole Live at the Funhouse

CD comp from Costa Rico

Hate your Friends

a2o Records split CD with World of Lies

material off of the first recording, live, and songs from the new soon to be done recording

split 7" with Los Bandanos from Brazil

poop and filth/super suffocation

split 7" with World of Lies

song tba

Funhouse CD comp vol. 2  House of Shame

 Crash Assailant Records Corruption of American Youth vol.2 CD comp

Our first review from Michele in Italy:

TOE TAG | Machete Killah

After a great comeback, able to add more gasoline to their fans loyalty, Accüsed surprised everyone splitting ways, with three out of four leaving the band and starting a new project, Toe Tag.

Machete Killah is the single introducing the band to every fan of the caustic vocals being the trademark for Blaine, yet singer for the Fartz and Accüsed, aka one of the most unique and personal voices out of the whole american thrash-core scene ever.

Unlucky, we have just two tracks to make a complete opinion on this new adventure, named after the tag used in the morgues to label corpses: to confirm we will find the same splatter imaginery we are used to meet when such musicians are involved.

The first track is a classic thrash-core hit, with an original and fitting guitar part and Blaine's vocals under the spotlight. It's the guitar sound to give a special flavour to Toe Tag music: rich and hot in its balancing thrash riffing and psychedelic mood, due to a wah-wah becoming a real star.

Inside "Junior's Eyes" the mood becomes more tasty and nearer to a hot-blooded hard-rock: the song developes around a bass riff going to be a sort of homebase for several changes in mood and rhytms.

Two track, we already said, are a little to give a complete idea of Toe Tag potential, but are enough to light our curiosity for the band first album.

Our Second review:

TOE TAG - Machete Killah (Bag Of Hammers, 7")
Blaine Cook from the Accused fronts this band, joined by two other ex-Accused dudes, and it's a heavier rock sound. That's obvious since the b-side is a cover of a semi-obscuro Sabbath song "Junior's Eyes" (off "Technical Ecstasy." "Machete Killah" picks up the pace, Seattle rock (if that's still a valid term) with more roughness and Blaine's always-distinct yowl. They included a live DVD with the 7" and it comes closer to the Accüsed aggro and I'd be curious to hear that material in the recorded format. (PO Box 70513, Seattle, WA 98127,




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